Our Vision

To become a church where

… we can be completely dependent on the Holy Spirit.

… the lost can find a home.

… the captive can be set free.

… the sick can be healed.

… the broken can be restored.


… the body of Christ can

… be rooted and planted in a loving home.

… be equipped and trained for radical Christian living.

… worship God in spirit and in truth.

… learn to flourish in every area of live.

… make an active difference in their lives, families, homes, careers, generations, cites, nations and countries.

… show the love of Jesus in such a way that everyone will be drawn to Him and want a King like Him.


Our Mission

1. To Love the Lord our God with all our heart

a. Our sole purpose is to worship God, and this is done best by loving Him with all our hearts!

b. As we fall more in love with Him, we become more like Him.



2. To Love our Neighbours as ourselves

a. We as a church exist to minister to people. To actively serve them in love. Not just play church!

b. This ministry is a demonstration of God’s love by reaching out to people, meeting their needs and healing their hurts.

c. Part of our mission is to love radically! Even the “un-loved” in most people’s eyes, we will strive to love and serve!



3. To GO and MAKE Disciples

a. Our church exists to communicate God’s Word. We are His ambassadors and our commission is  clear, “Evangelize the world!” (Matthew 28:18-20).

b. Growth is not optional; it is commanded by Jesus… We do not want to grow our church for our own benefit, we want to grow it because GOD wants people saved, free and whole.

c. We will do this wherever we GO! Because church is not meant to just stay in a building!



4. To Baptize People who become Disciples

a. This is part of the command to make disciples.

b. Baptism symbolises new life in Christ as well as identification with the body of Christ.

c. We are called to belong, not just to believe!



5. To Teach the people of God to obey

a. This is the essence of discipleship. To edify, or educate God’s people.

b. By doing so we will help people become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

c. We will help people to develop their spiritual maturity.

d. We will equip, empower and encourage them to go out and do the same! God is not a secret to be kept!