Serve in West Rand Bikers Church

1 Peter 4:10 NLT  “God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

We are the hands and feet of Jesus. In order for His hands and feet to operate efficiently we need to put our gifts and talents to good use in service to His kingdom. And there is no better place than doing it at your local church where you can help make a difference and impact the community!

So whether you love working with numbers, words or technology. Or you might like the more social setting and working with people. No matter what area it is, God can use your giftings, skills, talents and abilities to make a difference. There are many different ministries that are open for you to get involved in.

Serving in your local church is by far one of the best ways to meet new people, to develop awesome godly relationships with like-minded people, and to grow in your walk with Jesus Christ. Some serving happens mostly weekends but there are others that happen throughout the week.


Here are some of the areas and ministries where you can get involved:

Praise & Worship:

Do you have a heart after God and love intimacy with the Holy Spirit? If you have the heart for it and you can sing or play any musical instrument, then we would love for you to join our awesome worship team and rock it our with Jesus and us. This is the place to be!


Children’s Ministry:

Do you love children and have a heart for teaching, guiding and working with them? Then join us as we impart into these youngster’s lives and impact them for the good of God’s Kingdom. Become one of our helpers or Sunday School teachers and help mentor and influence these kids in a way that will prepare them for the life God has called them to live!


YOUTH Ministry:

Not afraid of the RADICAL NEW BREED of YOUTH that is arising in our day and age? Then this might be your thing! If you have a heart for the next generation and you want to help reach and teach them to become the Next Generation of World Changers and History Makers, then please join us in our journey to prepare this next generation for the Kingdom of God!


Hospital Ministry:

Do you love the supernatural healing and miracle working power of God and you know how to operate in it or want to learn to do so? Then join our Hospital Ministry team as they go into the hospitals to pray for the sick and broken biking community out there and help to stand by and aid the family members of those loved ones who are in the hospital’s care.


Charity & Fund Raising:

Have a knack for raising funds and thinking up creative ideas to do so. Then please join hands with us as we organize our yearly charity event “The Helping Hands Charity Jol”, or aid us in the different charity endeavours we take part in throughout the year as we try and help our community to the best of our ability.



Do you have compassion towards people going through hardship and trying times? If you want to aid them by lending an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, and if you’re able to pray for people and give sound and correct biblical advice, then this is the ministry for you to get involved in!


Sound & Technical:

Are you into gizmos and gadgets? Do you like the more technical side of life? Then don’t be shy about it!!! There are no “nerds” among bikers! Only Intellectual Warriors! So if you can work a sound desk or a computer with windows and powerpoint, or if you would like to learn how too, then please let us know! We can put your intellectual skills and abillities to good use in God’s Kingdom.


Helping Hands:

There’s a lot of work going down behind the scenes at West Rand Bikers Church, especially on Sundays as we need to pack everything out, set everything up, and afterwards tear it all down again. So the more hands we have to help us the lighter the load and the more fun the experience! So if you can help us pack chairs, set up the sound, setting up the coffee tent or watching the cars and bikes of our church attenders, then we need YOU! Please lend us a Helping Hand!

If you want any extra info on serving in a ministry our church and what it’s all about, feel free to drop us an email,


If you want to sign up to become one of our volunteers in our church then please download the Serving Application Form from the link below, fill it out and send it back to us at or give it to any of our pastors at church.

Click Here to Download the Serving Application Form!