At WRBC we don’t only just serve in the confines of our church. We firmly believe in supporting the community and making a difference wherever we can, especially outside the walls of our church organization.

God didn’t call us to play church, He called us to manifest His Kingdom on this earth and one of the ways in which we can do that is by reaching out in love and service towards anyone who is in need of it.

We aim to find places, organizations and people’s lives during the year where we can make a difference and just show God’s love as much as we can.

Watch this space, listen up in our services and watch our advertisements in church closely for when we attempt an outreach and you would like to get involved!

  If you want more info on our Outreaches or if you would like to become involved please send us a mail at info@wrbc.co.za and we will connect you to the necessary people! Thank you!