Here at Pimp My Life Bible School we train students with the essentials to be successful in radical Christian living and ministry. During the two years of training we help students to first understand God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and then to understand their identity in Christ. We also aim to help them walk in their God-given destinies. Are you called to be a pastor, traveling minister, missionary or be a spiritual leader in your family or industry? Maybe you just want to grow closer to God and strengthen your faith… Whatever it is, Pimp My Life is where you can find that life you were born to live, because after this you will never be the same!

To Check out our curriculum for the two years, click the buttons and follow the links:

First Year Certificate (Crossroads 1: The Way to Live) – This year seeks to equip all Christians with the knowledge, skills and character need to live solid, fruitful lives for Christ.

Second Year Certificate (Crossroads 2: The Way to Lead) – This year is for those believers who, having completed year 1, wish to equip themselves to become leaders in the church. It focuses on the knowledge, skills and character required to be a leader.


• The Format of the classes:

CROSSROADS is as a weekly Bible school. Students are required to attend class one night per week which will be on a Monday night for our Second Year Students and on a Tuesday night for our First Year Students unless a public holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday in which case the class will be moved if necessary. A normal academic year would follow the school terms and consist of somewhere between 30 and 35 weeks, one to two of which are set aside for exam purposes.

A standard Crossroads evening will last 2 hours. The actual evening consists of two lessons of about 50 minutes each, with a tea/coffee break in the middle. So a standard evening might look like this:

19h00 to 19h10 Arrival and welcome
19h10 to 20h00 Lesson 1
20h00 to 20h10 Break: tea and coffee
20h10 to 21h00 Lesson 2


• Review Tests/Exams:

To receive the certificate of completion for each CROSSROADS track, students must pass both exams for that track (2 exams for each year of study). The tests are not intended to be difficult. They take the form of true-false, multiple choice, matching and short questions. These questions are based entirely on the student handouts, so students can study from their class notes.

The pass mark is 50 percent.

If a student fails the first test, he/she will be permitted to write a second test.


• Certificate of Completion:

At the end of each year, SATS (The South African Theological Seminary) will issue certificates of completion to all students who have successfully completed a track of CROSSROADS. In order for students to obtain this certificate they must

• maintain a 70 percent attendance rate throughout the programme
• pass two tests, one at the end of each module

SATS is registered with the Department of Education and accredited with the Council on Higher Education for several tertiary programmes, the CROSSROADS programme is one of our pre-tertiary programmes. if a student wishes to pursue tertiary studies with SATS, and he/she presents his/her Crossroads certificate of completion, he/she will automatically receive 24 credits for CROSSROADS 1 or 48 credits for CROSSROADS 1 and 2.


• Pricing (Both First and Second year courses):

Registration/Initial once off fee of R500. (This will get you registered for the certificate program, and you will get a cd with all the resources for the year. All study notes, all class notes, PowerPoint presentations and additional resources)

Monthly fee of R150 from the end of February to the end of November. (This will cover all printing costs of your study notes) … Total price for entire year equals to R2000.

We are running special rates for Couples who are studying together. In this case the once off registration fee will be R750 per couple. (This will get you both registered for the certificate program, and you will get 1 cd to share with all the resources for the year. All study notes, all class notes, PowerPoint presentations and additional resources)

The monthly fee for couples are R225 per couple from the end of February to the end of November. The total price for our couple rates would the be R3000 for the entire year of study.

(We are also willing to make special arrangements for families studying together as well. Please speak to us about it if you are interested)


If you want more info on our PIMP MY LIFE BIBLE SCHOOL please send us a mail at info@wrbc.co.za and we will connect you to the necessary people! Thank you!