Prayer Meetings

Prayer is such a powerful weapon in our arsenal of Spiritual Warfare, but too often forgotten or short-selled as something of less importance.

At WRBC we take prayer seriously because we’ve seen first hand what the power of prayer can do and we refuse to water it down or make it less important in any way. We will be a church that strives to pray together and take a stand in the Spiritual Realm against the works of darkness in our families, workplaces, lives, and country. We will shine our light!!! Where light shines bright, darkness cannot prevail.

Join us on Saturday mornings for our prayer meetings at 06:00 at the Sasol Pinehave Garage (Corner of Hendrik Potgieter and the R28).

Here we pray together and share testimonies and just allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead and teach us to be more like Jesus.


If you want more info on our Prayer Meetings please send us a mail at and we will connect you to the necessary people! Thank you!